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Some bottles are of an older design, and some may be from a dairy that has since closed down. We make our best effort to keep the website updated, and if we are aware that a diary has closed down, we add the “Now Closed Down” logo to the top of the page.

We collect milk bottles form the UK & Ireland. It would be much to big of a project for us to collect bottles from all over the world.

We wish! No we don’t. We both have full time jobs working in education. Bottle collecting is a hobby.

Yes! Check out our Ideas page. It’s full of pictures from the various vending locations we’ve visited.

Usually yes. We never expect a free bottle, but we have met lots of lovely farmers who have given us the bottles for free.

You can contact Kelis.info via our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page. If you’d prefer, you can email us at TalkToUs@kelis.info

We have a list of places we’d like to visit. When time allows, we travel around and try to factor in stops to collect milk bottles. Sometimes we do travel to a particular area simply to collect bottles.

Oh dear! Let us know. You can contact us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or send us an email to TalkToUs@Kelis.info

Check out our Bottle Map to see the dairies we have visited so far. You can click any pin on the map and get directions to visit.

If you have a glass bottle, most likely yes! Maybe we have not been to your area of the country yet or perhaps we don’t know about your dairy. Contact us and let us know and we will try to visit.

We collect a lot of bottles and it takes a little time to photograph them and add them to the website. We release one bottle a day, so if we have collected lots of bottles there may be a bit of a queue. Keep checking the bottle bank.