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  • Godsell’s Farm – Gloucestershire
    Replace the phrases, ‘free-range, pasteurised milk and farm fresh’, and this design wouldn’t be out of place on a quirky pale ale bottle. You know the sort. They are usually lurking on a supermarket shelf […]
  • Palmers Farm – Devon
    In 1985 Ah-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’ music video released to the public, causing quite a stir with its animation effects. The cow on the front of this lovely bottle looks ready to spring into life, […]
  • Stokehouse Farm Dairy – Devon
    facebook.com/HeardCattleCompany Wow! Stokehouse Farm Dairy, Cullompton, Devon (EX15 1LL) have created a splendidly spectacular design for this bottle dripping in symbolism. The butterfly and swallow hovering above the crown might symbolise transformation, new beginnings, and […]
  • Low Sizergh Barn – Cumbria
    Milk churns like the one featured on this bottle of organic, unpasteurised raw whole milk from Low Sizergh Barn were often called a ‘Milk Kit’ in Yorkshire. However, Sizergh isn’t in Yorkshire, it is in […]
  • Shakes on the Rocks – Staffordshire
    Shakes on the Rocks The landlocked county of Staffordshire borders seven other counties (I shan’t list them, you will have to trust me). Ten miles to the North-North-East of Stoke-On-Trent (the largest settlement in Staffordshire), […]
  • Llaeth Derlwyn – Carmarthenshire
    Llaeth Derlwyn Spring has arrived on the face of the Llaeth Derlwyn bottle! An oak tree, grazing cows and a House Martin frolicking through air feature on the bottle from Fferm Derlwyn (that’s Derlywyn Farm […]
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