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  • Penuchadre Farm – Bridgend
    Penuchadre Farm The Penuchadre Farm bottle is one of my favourites with its summertime scene of a cow standing in a grassy field surrounded on both sides by leafy trees while a single Swallow flies […]
  • Dora’s Dairy – Wiltshire
    Dora’s Dairy The cheeky cow on this Dora’s Dairy bottle captures attention rather quickly, especially amongst children. Did you know that a cow uses its tongue to rip grass out of the ground and pull […]
  • Gorse Farm, Oxfordshire
    Gorse Farm Pasteurised fresh milk presented in an elegant bottle adorned with the face of a Guernsey cow (perhaps the cow that produced the milk, (I doubt it, but it’s a nice thought)), now that’s […]
  • Farmer Ted’s Dairy, Warwickshire
    Farmer Ted’s Dairy In real life, the obelisk pictured on Farmer Ted’s Dairy bottle is made of limestone blocks, stands seventy feet tall and was constructed in 1749 for Thomas Archer MP of Umberslide. Archer […]
  • Barlaston Milk Barn, Staffordshire
    Barlaston Milk Barn The Barlaston bottle reminds me of rural America with its gambrel-roofed barn taking centre stage amongst the relatively large print on the face of the bottle. The back of the bottle promises […]
  • Middle Farm, Hampshire
    Middle Farm Produce Middle Farm offers a litre (or 500ml if you prefer) of fresh pasteurised milk with no food miles attached. If you fancy mixing it up a little, you could have a flavoured […]
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