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Wholly Cow Milk Bottle
The first bottle!

Summer 2020, a social media post from a local dairy farmer boasting about fresh milk direct from the dairy cutting out the supermarkets & using reusable glass bottles. We thought it sounded excellent. A year on, our family still collects our milk directly from the dairy. But something else happened along the way. We became milk bottle collectors.

Each bottle paints a picture of the dairy & its owners. A picture created within the same bottle-shaped constraints as every other dairy, in which its owners must communicate their brand & the story behind their dairy. We find this fascinating so much that we have dressed this little corner of the internet to share our bottle collecting experience with you.

We have full-time day jobs & a family, so life gets very hectic, but we enjoy travelling around the country, visiting different dairies, tasting their milk & collecting their bottle. Please do contact us & let us know about your collection! We are always on the lookout for more tips & tricks to share with our fellow collectors, & we are always happy to say hello!

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