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Each bottle design presents a tapestry of symbolism and hidden narratives, inviting us to journey through history, mystery, and innovation. Kelis Explores tries to delve into the story behind the design. We’ve learned about beautiful architecture, castles, old railway lines, ancient burial chambers and robots!

  • Temon Farm – Cumberland
    Temon Farm Three children stood behind three cows. I assume they are children because they appear to be significantly shorter than the cows, and a quick search on the internet tells me that the average […]
  • Cows of Covington – Lanarkshire
    Cows of Covington The children at Robert Owen Primary school did a fine job designing this limited-edition bottle for Hillhead of Covington Milk Hut in South Lanarkshire. The Milk Hut (an impressively converted shipping container […]
  • Mortons Milks – Ayrshire
    Mortons Milk Mortons milk, simply delicious says the face of bottle and having tasted the milk I quite agree.  Mortons Milk offer farm fresh whole milk, or if you’d prefer, semi-skimmed milk, produced by a herd of happy […]
  • Herd Milk – Shropshire
    Herd Milk Adjective: Refined – with impurities or unwanted elements having been removed. Refined sums up the delightful Herd bottle with its elegant no-fuss design. Gently pasteurised, un-homogenised, farm-fresh milk from happy grass-fed cows at […]
  • Mitcheldean Milk Shed – Gloucestershire
    Mitcheldean Milk Shed The historic market town of Mitcheldean rests in the east of the Forest of Dean or Fforest y Ddena if you prefer the Welsh name. The church of St Michael rises like […]
  • The Dairy at Westhay – Somerset
    The Dairy at Westhay The name Westhay is derived from the old English’ English’ west haga,’’ meaning ‘‘The West field enclosed by hedges.’’ Westhay is situated four miles from Glastonbury on the Somerset Levels, and […]
  • Penuchadre Farm – Bridgend
    Penuchadre Farm The Penuchadre Farm bottle is one of my favourites with its summertime scene of a cow standing in a grassy field surrounded on both sides by leafy trees while a single Swallow flies […]
  • Dora’s Dairy – Wiltshire
    Dora’s Dairy The cheeky cow on this Dora’s Dairy bottle captures attention rather quickly, especially amongst children. Did you know that a cow uses its tongue to rip grass out of the ground and pull […]
  • Gorse Farm, Oxfordshire
    Gorse Farm Pasteurised fresh milk presented in an elegant bottle adorned with the face of a Guernsey cow (perhaps the cow that produced the milk, (I doubt it, but it’s a nice thought)), now that’s […]
  • Farmer Ted’s Dairy, Warwickshire
    Farmer Ted’s Dairy In real life, the obelisk pictured on Farmer Ted’s Dairy bottle is made of limestone blocks, stands seventy feet tall and was constructed in 1749 for Thomas Archer MP of Umberslide. Archer […]
  • Barlaston Milk Barn, Staffordshire
    Barlaston Milk Barn The Barlaston bottle reminds me of rural America with its gambrel-roofed barn taking centre stage amongst the relatively large print on the face of the bottle. The back of the bottle promises […]
  • Middle Farm, Hampshire
    Middle Farm Produce Middle Farm offers a litre (or 500ml if you prefer) of fresh pasteurised milk with no food miles attached. If you fancy mixing it up a little, you could have a flavoured […]
  • Milk’s Up! Devon
    Milk’s Up! This bottle certainly grabs one’s attention, and I can tell you that it stands out amongst other bottles with its unusual design but look a little deeper, and this bottle provides more questions […]
  • The Leighterton Dairy, Gloucestershire Gently pasteurised whole milk from Holstein Friesian cows who spend their day grazing one-hundred and seventy-five meters above sea level on the southern end of the Cotswolds area of outstanding natural beauty. The milk […]
  • North Cotswolds Dairy Co, Warwickshire
    North Cotswolds Dairy Co A cow gazing out at the landscape from the cover of an oak tree, the bird perched on a fence survey the opposite direction, tufts of grass sprouting from the ground. […]
  • Hollis Mead Organic Dairy, Dorset
    Hollis Mead Organic Dairy We acquired this rather lovely bottle from a vending machine in the market town of Sherbourne in Northwest Dorset. The milk comes from Urless Farm in Corscombe, Dorchester, where the cows […]
  • Llandyn Farm, Denbighshire
    Llandyn Farm Llandyn Farm offers farm-fresh llaeth organig (that’s organic milk to any non-Welsh readers), dispensed from The Milk Hut via vending machine. The Milk Hut sits in a splendid location, on the trackbed of […]
  • Church Farm Dairy, Wiltshire
    Church Farm Dairy The village of Semley sits on the Wiltshire and Dorset border and is home to the 17th-century farmhouse of Church Farm. Opposite the farm is the rather splendid Parish Church of St […]
  • Peckforton Farm Dairy, Cheshire
    Peckforton Farm Dairy The Meuse-Rhine-Issel cow, as seen adorning this excellent bottle, gets its name from the region where the Meuse, Rhine and Issel rivers meet. The cows are red and white, much like this […]