Dora’s Dairy – Wiltshire

The cheeky cow on this Dora’s Dairy bottle captures attention rather quickly, especially amongst children. Did you know that a cow uses its tongue to rip grass out of the ground and pull it into her mouth? She then rolls the grass up into a ball called a bolus and swallows it. When she has finished tonguing up the grass, she will sit and regurgitate the boluses into her mouth and chew them, or in other words, she is chewing the cud. Who knew? 

The herd’s home is Quarry Farm sitting just outside the large village of Purton in Wiltshire. The cows enjoy grazing on eighty acres of land surrounding the farm for eight months of the year, and the lush grass feeds the girls that produce the fresh raw milk available at the farm vending machine.

While you’re in the area, nearby St Mary’s church is worth visiting. It features both a western tower and a central spire, one of only three churches in England to do so. The church almost looks as if two churches have collided when standing in the right spot. If architecture isn’t your thing, perhaps you be intrigued to know that Nevil Maskelyne, the fifth British Astronomer Royal and first person to measure the mass of planet Earth scientifically, is buried at St Mary’s? Or that during the restoration work undertaken in 1872, workers discovered a skeleton in a wall of the north transept? Go on, pick up a bottle of milk and take the cheeky cow for a wonder to the church.

Collected in England