Moos on Thames – Wiltshire

At first glance, this bottle offers nothing more than a cow, head down, grazing on unseen grass. The wise words of American poet A. R. Ammons spring to mind here. “Anything looked at closely becomes wonderful.”  Spare more than a glance, and as Ammons suggests, look closely. What do you see? That our grass-grazing bovine is bisected by a squiggly line that resembles the river Thames? “Ha ha!” I hear you cry as if you have just stumbled upon an 18th-century garden feature. “Moos on Thames!” You are, of course, correct. The bisecting line has been incorporated into this splendid design to represent the river, Thames.

The cows at Manor Farm graze on the grass next to the River Thames as it meanders its way lazily through the Wiltshire landscape on its way to London. The girls produce super tasty organic whole milk available to you and me via the vending machine and a selection of milkshake flavours. 

Half a mile west of the vending machine, you will find a car park for the Waterhay Nature Reserve. You might like to park up and stroll along the pathways that lead around the former quarry pits, now beautiful lakes and a haven for wildlife, while sipping organic fresh milk.

Collected in England

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