Herd Milk – Shropshire

Adjective: Refined – with impurities or unwanted elements having been removed.

Refined sums up the delightful Herd bottle with its elegant no-fuss design. Gently pasteurised, un-homogenised, farm-fresh milk from happy grass-fed cows at Drenewydd Farm in Whittington, Oswestry, makes up this bottle’s content. The Herd vending machine sits conveniently just off Whittington Road (A495), less than half a mile from Whittington village centre. The former Whittington – Oswestry railway line ran along the line of the road, and the Herd vending machine stands on the former trackbed.

One and a half miles to the west of the Herd vending machine, you will find Old Oswestry Hill Fort, one of the best-preserved hill forts in Britain. The hillfort was in use for almost one thousand years, and today the site is managed by English Heritage and is open to the public. Fancy a bottle of milk and a trek around a 2800-year-old hill fort? I’ll see you there!


Collected in England

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