The Dairy at Westhay – Somerset

The name Westhay is derived from the old English’ English’ west haga,’’ meaning ‘‘The West field enclosed by hedges.’’ Westhay is situated four miles from Glastonbury on the Somerset Levels, and the dairy sits on the corner of Burtle road and Shapwick road. The Dairy at Westway offers gently pasteurised, non-homogenised whole milk from a family farm dispensed from a vending machine into this gorgeous bottle.

The smooth, ultra-lightweight outline of the cow takes centre stage on this bottle. Its outline sweeps effortlessly from beginning to end, the designer’s hand never leaving the surface. Did the drawing begin at the cow’s tail and end on the back, or was it the other way around? Once you have dispensed some milk, why not take the short walk down to the Avalon Marches Centre (0.4 miles away)? You will learn about the Avalon Marches wetland centre and its abundant wildlife while viewing historic replica buildings, including a Roman dining room with a working hypocaust and a Saxon Long Hall. And if you have finished your milk and fancy something to eat the centre has a café.

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