Godsell’s Farm – Gloucestershire

Replace the phrases, ‘free-range, pasteurised milk and farm fresh’, and this design wouldn’t be out of place on a quirky pale ale bottle. You know the sort. They are usually lurking on a supermarket shelf with a name that you have never heard of, like, Gothic Goblet or Hoggels Brew. However, if it is a pale ale you’re looking for, you will be out of luck at Godsell’s in Leonards Stanley, Gloucestershire. The milk vending machine that sits so close to the Church of St Swithun that it is almost within the grounds dispenses fresh unhomogenised whole milk produced by Godsells’s free-range cows who spend their day grazing at Church Farm.

While you are in the area, why not visit the remains of the former Church of St Peter’s in Frocester (2.2 miles away)? The church is a curious sight to see, with only the 15th-century porch, the tower (rebuilt in 1849), and eighteen inches of wall showing the outline of the building remaining. The remainder of the church was demolished in 1952, presumably due to underuse. St Peter’s ring of six bells was transferred to nearby Eastington Church, and some of the stone from the church was used to rebuild the chapel at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse. Excavations carried out on the site in 1959 also found the remains of a Roman Villa and a Saxon cemetery.


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