Peckforton Farm Dairy, Cheshire

The Meuse-Rhine-Issel cow, as seen adorning this excellent bottle, gets its name from the region where the Meuse, Rhine and Issel rivers meet. The cows are red and white, much like this bottle (and the utterly gorgeous gables and windows at the farmhouse at Manor Farm).

Found along the sleepy Peckforton Hall Lane, surrounded by lush grass fields, Peckforton Farm Dairy lies a mere two miles away from the medieval Beeston Castle built in the 1220s by Ranulf de Blondevill, the 6th Earl of Chester. Why not pick up a bottle of raw milk from the farm and head over to the castle. I should urge a degree of caution if you are Welsh. King Henry III took over the castle and used it as a prison for the unfortunate Welsh people he captured during his wars with Wales. But that’s all in the past now, and I’m sure anyone is welcome to visit regardless of nationality. Perhaps pick up a spare bottle of delicious milk as an offering?

The Earldom of Chester is currently held by Prince William, part of a tradition started in 1254 of conferring the title to the heir to the throne of England.

Collected in England