Church Farm Dairy, Wiltshire

The village of Semley sits on the Wiltshire and Dorset border and is home to the 17th-century farmhouse of Church Farm. Opposite the farm is the rather splendid Parish Church of St Leonard, rebuilt between 1866-1874 in the gothic revival style. The church features prominently on this elegant and charming bottle.

Church Farm produces whole milk from a herd of one hundred and thirty British Friesian cows who spend their day grazing in the farm’s parkland. The cows feed on the acres of lush grass that surround the farm during the spring, summer, and autumn, and During the winter, they feed on homegrown grass silage that was lovingly foraged in the summer. The milk the girls produce is pasteurised in the dairy, a stone’s throw away from the milking parlour and is then ready for you and me to collect from the vending machine using this fabulous bottleā€”a truly local affair, no food miles here. 

Collected in England