Llaeth Deri – Pembrokeshire

Whole fresh pasteurised milk is available from the Llaeth Deri vending machine situated along the B4332 one mile to the west of the village of Boncath in north Pembrokeshire, Wales. This bottle features a distinctive turquoise coloured logo that stands out amongst other bottles.

Boncath village is thought to have gained its name from the Welsh word for buzzard (Bwncath). The village stands at a crossroads that link the other nearby settlements of Newchapel, Eqlwyswrw, Blaenffos and Bwlchygroes. The village was once a hamlet (a small settlement without a church), but in 1885 the railway reached Boncath. The hamlet expanded in size and became a village. The railway fell victim to the Beeching cuts in the early 1960s and was subsequently closed in 1963.

You may wish to visit the Ffynone Woods, a short drive away from the Llaeth Deri vending machine. Parking is available (SA37 0HQ), and a short walk into the woods will lead you to the beautifully clear waters of the Ffynone waterfall. The water cascades into a pool surrounded by gnarled trees with exposed roots, offering a magical and peaceful setting for bottle-loving visitors searching for a nice spot to sip their milk. In Welsh mythology, it has been suggested that the waterfall is a gateway to Annwn (the otherworld).


Collected in Wales

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