Llaeth Derlwyn – Carmarthenshire

Spring has arrived on the face of the Llaeth Derlwyn bottle!

An oak tree, grazing cows and a House Martin frolicking through air feature on the bottle from Fferm Derlwyn (that’s Derlywyn Farm for non Welsh speakers, but I suspect you figured that out). You will find Fferm Derlwyn surrounded by beautiful Welsh landscape offering spectacular views. The farm is only ten miles north of the town of Carmarthen.

Carmarthen has several claims to fame. It is considered the oldest town in Wales, is host to a Roman fort dating to AD 75 and has one of only seven surviving Roman amphitheatres in Britain. If you travel from Carmarthen to Fferm Derlwyn or vice versa, you will find yourself following the route of the old Roman road that traversed its way through the landscape until it reached the north of Wales.


Collected in Wales

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