Temon Farm – Cumberland

Three children stood behind three cows. I assume they are children because they appear to be significantly shorter than the cows, and a quick search on the internet tells me that the average Dairy Cow is 1.7m tall or 5 foot five inches tall. Perhaps they are the farmers’ children? After all, the back of the bottle informs us that Temon Farm is a family-run farm with a herd of Jersey Cross Friesian Cows. And that the milk inside the bottle is pasteurised but not homogenised. 

Temon Farm sits alongside the A69 between Brampton and Haltwhistle in Cumbria, surrounded by picturesque fields. To the north of the farm, Hadrian’s Wall stretches 100 miles across the landscape, once performing its role in protecting ancient Rome’s northern frontier. I’m sure if the milk vending machine had been in operation during AD 122, some of the fifteen thousand men tasked by Emperor Hadrian to build the wall would have visited in search of refreshment.


Collected in England

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