North Cotswolds Dairy Co, Warwickshire

A cow gazing out at the landscape from the cover of an oak tree, the bird perched on a fence survey the opposite direction, tufts of grass sprouting from the ground. The image on this bottle screams summertime in the countryside to me, and it calls to mind the quaint and rather lovely drawings one would typically find in an Enid Blyton book. The Famous Five and the cow rustlers, perhaps?

The milk behind the nostalgic artwork comes from a herd of Holstein cows who occupy themselves grazing on the lush grass of the Cotswold hills. The milk is pasteurised on the farm just meters away from the milking parlour. It then moves on only a few more meters to the vending machine, ready to dispense the unhomogenised nutrient-rich refreshment to any group of children carrying out a meaningful investigation or anyone else who might fancy a swig of the white stuff.

Collected in England