Milk’s Up! Devon

This bottle certainly grabs one’s attention, and I can tell you that it stands out amongst other bottles with its unusual design but look a little deeper, and this bottle provides more questions than answers. Did you notice that our water sport loving cow is holding a smaller version of the bottle? Is this a hall of mirrors, or is there some reality-bending time travel? Spin the bottle (no kissing, please) and read the text on the back, and I think we can find an answer. The text on the back of the bottle mentions that the cows are milked by a robot! Maybe that explains the time travel?

The milk from North Hole Farm in North Devon is whole milk, pasteurised,  non-homogenised, and if you choose not to shake, it will offer you a thick head of cream. Wonderful!

We found this organic dairy farm situated between Croyde and Putsborough beaches (that explains why the cows enjoy surfing) just outside the village of Georgeham. The area has a distinctive rural feel, and the village of Georgeham is charming with its Victorian village school, medieval church and two 17th century public houses, The King’s Arms and The Rock.

Collected in England